6 Local Activities to See and Do in La Grange, IL


6 local activities to see and do in La Grange, IL

As the city of Chicago grew, many suburbs also increased in population. One of those suburbs was La Grange, IL. Two benefits of living in La Grange are that it is close to Chicago and also has a community-like atmosphere. With the family-friendly atmosphere, you and your family will be able to explore the area and find activities without the horde of people.

In this article, I have highlighted 6 local activities to see and do in La Grange, IL.


Brezina Woods

If you are looking to explore the local nature of La Grange,  then be sure you pay a visit to Brezina Woods. At this local hotspot, you can have a gathering, take a walk, or just relax from a stressful week at the office. Additionally, there are many hiking trails that allow you to learn more about the local wildlife. Biking and horse-back riding are also acceptable too. Most importantly, do not forget your camera or smartphone to snap some memories.


Just Escape Room

Looking for a team-oriented activity? If you answered yes, then Just Escape Room has got you covered. The concept of Just Escape Room is that you are locked in a themed room, while looking for clues to escape. At this establishment, you will strengthen your problem-solving and communication skills,  while having a blast at the same time. Additionally, Just Escape Room also welcomes those who have competitive spirits. See between your friends, family or coworkers to see who can complete the task in the fastest time. Many visitors of this local site are amazed how difficult it is to find a way to escape, while being timed.


Primal Oceans Salt Cave

Lasting relationships are formed by living a stress-free life. Perhaps, we have the tendency to think this is only true in rare cases. However, the Primal Oceans Salt Cave is a visual representation of the healthy benefits of living a stress-free life. With a large supply of Himalayan salt, you may notice that you are a different person after completing one of their sessions. The hues of the pink and orange lighting complement  the site’s emphasis of maintaining a healthy persona. No matter how small or how big your issues, you can be certain that Primal Oceans Salt cave will take care of you. Therefore, it is no excuse to not feel that you can conquer whatever comes your way! The only rule is that you just relax.


La Grange Theater

Viewing a good old-fashioned movie is always a great activity.  The modern-day movie theater has greatly diminished the experience of attending with family. Although peoples’ tastes have changed throughout the years, you may want to experience what movies theaters were like in the pre-technology era. The La Grange Theater is one place that caters to those who want to experience a classic movie theater and create last memories with their respective family. Your wallet will also thank you. The prices of the La Grange theater  make the experience affordable for everyone. In contrast, most modern movie theaters cost an arm and leg before you even view the film. Relax, kick back, and come see for yourself what makes this local site a favorite among residents and visitors.


Chimera’s Comics

Comics used to be one of the main methods of story-telling while showcasing the creativity of authors. Located in the center of La Grange is Chimera’s Comics. Allow yourself and your family to read till you drop at this favorite local place. If you and your family are unsure of what comic to purchase, that is ok. Try and find a topic or theme that you or your family members have a high interest. You may be amazed on what your family chooses. Who knows? Maybe you may have started a tradition that will last many generations.


Learning Express Toys

The toy store Learning Express Toys contains many products for all kinds of children. Based on the selection of your children you will see what your children value. As a parent, you will love taking your children to this local toy store because the company emphasizes education via their products. Besides toy shopping, Learning Express also hosts special guest appearances of cartoons. Your children will think that you are the best parent ever if you take them.  

The next time that you are planning to move, consider La Grange, IL as your next destination. With a never ending amount of activities to do and with Chicago just a car ride away, you may ask yourself why you did not purchase a home here in the first place. Welcome home to La Grange, Illinois! We are glad you made it!